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A Guide To Select Right Patio Tiles!

Tiles are an excellent way to transform the outdoor living space such as decks and patios. Being durable, easy to maintain, and more stable and permanent than pavers, tiles best hold up to weather and moisture. A tile can complement your landscaping elements, adding to the beauty and elegance of your patio. This complete guide about Patio tiles will help you to select the best outdoor tiles for your patio.

The Complete Patio Tile Guide

You can extend the interior tile design of your home to your outdoor area as well. At places with low temperatures, porcelain tiles are best suited for freezing and thawing conditions. You can use natural stone textures to add a unique look to exterior surfaces and flooring.

Best Outdoor Tile Options Available For You

Here, in this section, we are going to list 15 different types of tiles that will make a right pick for your outdoor tiling needs. Being in this industry for more than a decade now have provided us a clear view on which tiles are best for indoor tiling and which ones will suit best for your outdoor tiling needs. Keeping this in mind, we have listed a few tile options below for your Patio. In case, you have any question or are looking to consult professionals to help you find the best outdoor tiles for your Patio, you can consult us for free.

1. Ceramic tiles

Sturdy ceramic floor tiles are also a reasonable choice for outdoor patios.

2. Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are dense and strong forms of ceramic, so most suited for outdoor patio applications. Choose thick, sturdy, and textured matt tiles without glossy surfaces that will be slippery when wet. Now you might get confused about which tile to choose between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles, therefore, we have also listed the comparison between the two. You can check the comparison by clicking here.

3. Slate

Slate is one of the best picks for natural stone in outdoor patio areas. Being very hard, durable and water-resistant, and non slippery,  slate is available in a variety of colors.

4. Granite

Granite is a high-end premium paving material. But being highly polished, granite tiles are much slippery when wet. Also being porous, granite needs to be sealed frequently to prevent staining and water penetration.

5. Quarry tiles

Quarry tiles made from dense unglazed clay are extremely strong and function very well as a paving material for patios and courtyards. Quarry tiles have good water resistance and are non-slippery when wet. Although quarry tiles are not a great choice for climates with freezing temperatures and also get stained easily.

6. Travertine tiles 

Travertine tiles are a form of natural stone with stunning clouds and texture. Although highly polished travertine can be very slippery when wet.

7. Limestone tiles

Because of its relative abundance and ease of abundance, limestone is a favorite choice for outdoor patios. Limestone is available in many shades of brown, red, or grey. However, being a softer stone, limestone can easily get chipped and it needs to be sealed frequently to prevent stains.

8. Soapstone tiles

Soapstone is smooth, silky-textured, water and stain-resistant non-porous stone. Its high heat resistance ability makes it the best choice for very hot climates.

9. Sandstone tiles

Sandstone is quite soft and needs to be sealed frequently to prevent staining and water penetration. This is highly suitable for patios in dry climates without winter freeze-thaw cycles.

10. Interlocking Plastic Tiles

The advantage of interlocking plastic tiles is that the texture guards against slips and falls. Also, they are easy to install. These tiles are extremely durable and can be removed easily whenever needed. Also, these tiles are well perforated, allowing water to drain through.

11. Marble tiles 

Rough and slip-resistant marble tiles are also a smarter choice for outdoor patio flooring. Although being slightly less hard and more porous, marble tiles need sealing to withstand foot traffic and the weather.

12. Decking Tiles 

Decking tiles are large squares of weather-resistant cedar or redwood or planks with interlocking edges.

13. Rubber tiles

Rubber tiles are best suited for sports courts and other play areas. The interlocking edges join together to form a uniform, resilient surface.

14. Concrete tiles 

Concrete tiles are molded from poured concrete and given textures and colors of natural stone or high-end ceramic tile.

15. Carpet tiles

For a stunning carpet look, you can consider carpet tiles for indoor and outdoor carpeting. These tiles can be easily installed over concrete slabs. If needed carpet tiles can be easily removed also.

Things To Consider While Deciding on Patio Tiles

There are many features you need to consider before buying outdoor patio tiles, which need to be kept foremost in mind.

1. Strength

The outdoor tiles need to be strong so that they can withstand a wide range of harsh weather conditions and temperatures. 

2. Weather conditions

Select best patio tiles that can withstand extreme temperature changes.

3. Light exposure

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The amount of sunlight a patio gets also impacts the tile selection. Choose dark tiles for bright and sunny spaces and bright tiles for shady areas to lighten up space. 

4. Style

Before buying tiles for your patio, consider the color, type of material, and texture of the tiles to complement the decor and looks of the landscape.

5. Texture and slip resistance

The texture and the non-slippery tile surfaces are critical factors for selecting the best outdoor tiles.

6. Budget

Cost is a vital factor when choosing the best patio tiles. Covering a patio with luxury tile can cost much. In the market, you can find a wide range of the best outdoor tiles. 

Closing words 

Outdoor patio tiles can dramatically change the look and feel of any outdoor space. It is an excellent way to create a low-maintenance and stain-resistant patio space. So, select the best outdoor tiles based on your taste, lifestyle, and location. So, if you are looking to buy Patio tiles in Australia, you can check out our collection here and we are sure you will find the one for your Patio.