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Patterned Floor Tiles | 5 Things You Must Know About Them!

Patterned tiles are the ideal remedy to a lifeless space, adding endless colours and style showcasing your personality. They blend perfectly with a wide range of decor hues and styles, adding a modern, fresh and vibrant look to space. Soft hues paired with a sleek concrete finish can create a pleasant sense of wonder in your home, making a perfectly balanced colour scheme. Patterned floor tiles are highly durable and hence are the most practical choice. If you are looking for some fabulous floor tiles tips for your newly built or renovated home, don’t forget to consider patterned tiles as a preferred choice. Here we have listed the 5 topmost qualities of patterned tiles making them the #1 choice for most designers and homeowners, 

Reasons Why You Should Choose Pattern Floor Tiles?

Here are some reasons why you should choose pattern tiles for your floors. Besides giving a pretty look it also has many factors that adds on to the pros of these stunning pattern tiles.

Get Pretty With Patterns

The variety of styles available in the floor tiles gives a modern style look, that does not appear over-designed or cluttered.

The striking monochrome to soft pastel tone patterns creates a facet to space.

The intricate pattern is ideal for a compact room. While larger patterns make more of a statement in a big room. Large patterned tiles are the best floor tiles for spacious hallways. A colourful palette in your flooring gives energetic bursts of colour to your home’s overall decorating scheme. You can incorporate a bold architectural element in your floor and wall designs with the elegance of geometric patterned tiles.

Create Unique And Stunning Patterns

Patterned tiles add a stunning feature to the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen and everything in between! You can also add a lot of creativity with patterns, like using a plain tile in between to delineate separate functional areas or create a rug effect to an area you wish to highlight. Make a beautiful pattern to your bathroom wall forming an incredible backdrop.

You can create a border pattern around the room using complementing plain tiles. You can easily add on an influential shot of design to the backyard or a tiny patio with patterned tiles. 

You can lift a conventional tiled floor of your room using a splash of coloured patterned tiles with complementing neutral tones. Patterned floor tiles can add a completely new dimension of luxury to your home or office area.

Bring Life To A Monotonous Space

Patterned floor tiles with a wide choice of colours and sizes inspire modern as well as traditional tile designs. A boring monotonous space can be transformed into a truly unique and energetic space using patterned tiles. The bold patterns can completely change the glance of the space. Patterned tiles are available in a variety of art deco styles, geometric and floral designs and can straight away lift any space.

Easy Maintenance

Made up of glazed porcelain, the patterned tiles are hardwearing and easy to clean, making them the best floor tiles for a home with pets and kids. The floor and wall patterned tiles can transform any space into a beautiful space. While selecting tiles for balconies, patios, and courtyards, make sure they are well suited for harsh outdoor conditions. For high movement spaces, choose encaustic cement tiles with high resistance to wear and tear.

Can Be Used For Both For Floors & Walls

Patterned tile can create a wow effect on the floors as well as walls also. You can use bold patterns on the floor or a soft, pastel pattern on the walls for a unique look. Patterned tiles in the washroom can transform and create a real statement.

The stairway can be brought to life using various random decor patterned tiles.

The patterned tiles can blend seamlessly into a contemporary or even a renovated period style home. Patterned tiles are available in various patterns, shapes and colours and add vintage warmth and charm to your space.


Choosing the perfect tiles can be a game-changer in a space. The patterned floor tiles can add a statement to your home and can stun your guests instantly. Whether you want a classic grid pattern or an edgy statement under your feet, patterned tiles can bring a whole new dimension of luxury to your home.