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Stone, Marble & Granite

What You Need To know

With more natural stone entering the market place in the last decade, it is easy to determine why more people are choosing natural stone.

Marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, bluestone and limestone are all natural stones to choose from. Marble has its own natural vein running through each tile to give it a life of its own. Whereas granite has a truly stunning appearance and can finish a bathroom, kitchen or foyer to an exceptional level.

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Also becoming increasingly popular in the market place, is travertine. This stone is often found in a soft beige colour scheme which is easily identifiable for most. It can also be found in light grey tones which is as equally eye-catching.

Remember the following tips:

To compliment any natural stone, it is suggested that an exterior area such as a pool or external living area could be laid with sandstone, limestone or bluestone. The selection is extensive and many colours can be chosen for sandstone, limestone and bluestone products.